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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yes Virginia, Santa is Wearing Leopard This Year

So my little quilt that grew was going to be a lap robe for the holiday season.  Except that it grew and now graces my bed as a spread for the holiday season. Leaving me without a lap robe for the couch. 

So I totally have to machine quilt a gift that is long over due and must be ready to catch a ride to its destination next week.  And I am completely out of practice for FMQ.  It is almost like starting over and the gift quilt is too important to screw up.

So, I found this Santa fabric I loved on sale at Hobby Lobby.  The only flannel that matched was brown.  but the pine cone fabric with the gold bling matched them both.   Thus a practice whole cloth quilt to make a lap robe for couch for the holidays.  Yay!

And to make it even better faster I stitched the binding on by machine!  Let's just say I learned a lot working on this quick project. 

The Details...  This is a whole cloth quilt approximately 54 x 40 inches.  It is quilters cotton for the top and binding and flannel for the back.  It is machine quilted and has a polyester batting. 

The Story...  My husband's Great Aunt Virginia was a free spirit and a very independent lady.  Well in to her 80's she traveled with the Good Sam's or some such travel trailer group.  Her 'trailer' was a seventies conversion van.  Tricked out in leopard print.  I can't see leopard print without thinking of her.  Thus, the running title for this quilt has been Yes Virginia, Santa is Wearing Leopard This Year. 


  1. LOL! Santa looks great in leopard...and I'm sure you're ready to FMQ your gift. Go for it!

  2. These fabrics worked really well together. It's so fun and what a great way nod to Aunt Virginia :).

  3. I like the combination and I am sure Aunt Virginia would be pleased rolling along in her van.