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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

“Christmas Nail”

It is to be hung on a sturdy branch ,
a branch near the trunk, a branch that
will hold such a spike without being noticed by
well-wishers dropping by to admire one's
tinseled tree. The nail is known only to the
home that hangs it and understood by the
heart that knows its significance. It is hung with
the thought that the Christmas Tree foreshadows the
Christ-tree which only He could decorate for us,
ornamented with nails such as this. 
-author Unknown

Blacksmiths have an awful lot of traditions that they adhere to.   For example, they hang their horseshoes so that the luck spills into the forge.  The above story of the Christmas Nail is one such tradition.  It is awe inspiring to see such rugged men quietly share their belief.

Spud one can occasionally be talked in to making nails.  Although he was once heard to say quite emphatically that he fully understood why the burned the old house down to collect the nails.  He is the one who shared the tradition of the Christmas nail with us and with many of the visitors watching his forging demonstrations.  

Perhaps you too, can find a nail to place in your tree in honor and remembrance.   

Peace, joy, love and a blessed Christmas to you all. 

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