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Saturday, December 22, 2012

12th Night Prep: Snack Mix

I am way behind this year.  Usually I start prepping for the BIG party in October.  This year, I started today. Ooops.  I will be doing my best to document and record the food I make so that I can find the recipes again.

Costco has the big box of Chex cereal.  The one with one bag of each flavor.  Perfect for Chex Mix.  Lots of Chex Mix.  (I follow the traditional recipe omitting the bagel chips and adding more pretzels.)

 I made two batches.

 I still had cereal left over.

The recipe was on the box.  

I couldn't help myself.  I made... puppy chow. 

Hopefully the tomatoes working in the dehydrator and the blackberry balsamic reduction (to go over lemon chevre)  will go a ways towards redeeming me. 

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  1. I wonder if you can just sit and relax. Nope...don't think so.