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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wall Hanging

A few years ago, I took my MIL to the fabric store to pick out blue fabric for a lake quilt.  She picked out one or two blue fabrics and the rest were a bit different.  I've been working out how to make something with them for quite a while now.  I finally hit on making some Teesha Moore style 'pillows'.  That led to adding in the photos I originally intended to use frames out TM style.  I finally called it finished this year for her Christmas gift.  
A close up of one a section. 

Gramma being squished by the spuds in one panel.

And the back. 


  1. Charlene, what an interesting process that turns out looking really cool and unique. Handmade speaks volumnes here with this technique. Well done!

  2. Again, I really love the hand stitching and embroidery. When I was first shown...about 35 years ago...how to quilt; the lady showing me used something similar to this technique. She quilted 12 or 14' blocks in her lap and then put them together. I've never tried it, but this looks a lot like what she did. Very cool gift.