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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Cost of Quilting

This article was posted on the Sew Mama Sew Facebook page today.  It is on the Mollie Sparkles Blog.  She meticulously costs out the labor materials, shipping and intellectual value of making a quilt top.  You have to go read the whole thing to get the total. 

It is a 72 x 72 inch quilt.  The real cost is staggering. The materials cost is high but certainly what it would be if we truly added it all up without some congressional grade accounting tricks like already in stash is free! 

What we truly under-value as quilters is our time and more importantly our creativity.  If you think about it, what does a consulting firm get for designing a new logo?  What about the cost of designing a webpage.  Creativity is not cheap. 

Quilters likely don't do the sort of statistical market research a logo consultant does.  However, we do survey market trends (read blogs, search on-line patterns, visit fabric stores, consult with the client or carefully consider the recipient).  How many times have you tried to use a piece from your stash only to decide it is out-of-date or doesn't fit the vibe?  How many times have you gone back for a different piece because the color doesn't play nicely or the contrast is too high or low?  It is all time.  Time well spent but seldom counted in the value of making a quilt. 

And like web-page design, making the design look good is just half the battle.  We need to do the back end construction to get all the parts to function properly.  A great design only goes so far.  The seams need to be solid and the project needs to be finished. 

The bottom line is that materials x 2 or even x 3 just doesn't cover it in terms of the real cost involved in making a quilt. 

I bring this up, because as I make more quilts I have more quilts I am ready to send on to a good home... for a price.  I've donated a fair share.  I've gifted plenty.  But I would like to sell some of them.  I want to get a fair price for them.  I tend to price them high.  (No where near where I should based on this calculation) but higher than seems seemly.  I always figure out a price at which I am willing to see them go.  Or as my husband says would you rather have the quilt in your closet or $ in your pocket.  Some of them have a price.  Some don't. 

So what do you think?  Do you sell quilts?  Make them on commission?  Do you only give/donate?  What are your quilts worth? 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quiler's Blog Hop Give Away Giving Thanks Version

The Give Away is officially closed the Winner is EmilyC.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by during the blog hop!  

Yes.  It is that time again.  Misha is hosting the Quilter's Blog Hop Give Away over at Quilting Gallery.

I am going to be giving away a custom quilt label.  I have several different designs available in my etsy shop but I will work with you to get the colors, wording, size and style perfect for your project. 

Your label will be machine embroidered on quality white quilters cotton.  The thread is colorfast.  It will have a border large enough for you to turn and applique or to piece into your quilt.

All you have to do is answer this question in the comments.  What information do you put on your quilt label.

All the best!  Be sure to check out Quilt Gallery for many other amazing give aways!

The details:  The Give Away is open from November 21 until Sunday December 1 at 5 pm CST.  I will pick a winner using a random number generator and contact the winner by email.  Please be sure to leave an email address if you are a no reply blogger.  

You should seriously check out the patterns available at Quilting Gallery.  The Aiming For Accuracy one is stunning. 

Sad Shirt. Happy Bag.

The Mister's shirt was damaged and unwearable.  But he really liked it.  He also needed a tote bag.  A manly tote bag.  Thus... sad shirt to happy bag.  I love the buttons and pocket!  Should have given it a tie. 

And it has an awesome stone lining/reversible side courtesy of my friend Kelly. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Snow!

That means it is winter.  And I haven't updated anything since what seems like summer.  I'm just going to toss in some pictures of things I've been making rather than try to catch up individually. 

Quilt finish!  Only one in months for the Craftster Mini Art Quilt Swap. 

My partners theme was a story called "The Yellow Wallpaper".   It is a pretty dark Victorian tale about a woman who is confined and starts to see a woman in the wallpaper.  She tries to free her.

She tries to free her.  My partner is also an amazing and very  modern quilter.  She loves bright modern colors and wanted bright modern fabrics.  I did what I could to reconcile the two notions.  Probably not getting very far on either one.  But it was fun.  The yellow isn't very modern but it was pretty wallpaper-y.  I liked using the Madrona Road bits because of the implied story.

I couldn't bring myself to actually rip up the quilt.  I know it needed it.  Instead I left it intact and applied the shreds over the top.  My partner could remove them and finish off the binding if she preferred. 

It is hand quilted with teardrop shapes that mimic the face in the center.  The face is an Urban Threads design and is repeated in the top left, although I doubt anyone will ever find it.

This is the stunning quilt she made for me.  I love it!

OK.  That is enough for today.  Hope you all are doing well.  I'll be back with more as soon as I can.