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Sunday, December 23, 2012

12th Night Prep: Fruit "Bread"

OK, it is really white fruit cake, but if I call it that no one will even try it.  Which is good and bad.  Good because there is more left for me.  Bad because there is more left for me.  I loosely base it off of this Pillsbury recipe.   Except that I use real dried apricots (rather than the more readily available Turkish style.)  I used dried Michigan cherries.  I use candied orange peel rather than citron, (Use the best available.  Peel off the pith if it is thick.) This is supposed to be a white fruitcake.  Spud 2 and I had a wee bit of a communication problem and a failure on my part to check the oven temp so it baked a wee bit hotter and longer than it should have.  But it looks pretty good.  This year, I will be soaking it in ginger liqueur

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