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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Party Prep: Elderberry Orange Chili Sauce

What party would be complete without mini sausages in grape jelly and chili sauce?  I know.  Totally not gourmet.   Completely unhealthy.  But I like them and they have been with us since the very beginning when grape jelly and chili sauce was a novelty. 

Well, actually, I haven't used grape jelly in years.  I usually use lingonberries or cranberry relish and a reasonable quality bottled chili sauce.  I always pre-make the sauce and keep it refrigerated until it is time to heat up the sausage.  I also pre-bake the sausages, drain the grease and freeze those until the day of the party. 

This year, I used a bottle of elderberry orange marmalade with the chili sauce.  The bits of orange peel give it an interesting depth.  This is probably one of my favorite versions. 

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