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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SewSweetness, SewKindness

I am working on a bag project.  Re-inventing the diaper bag (and not necessarily in a good way).  But I've started and now I need to finish. 

I was thrilled to see that Sara Lawson of SewSweetess  was sponsoring TalkNT yesterday.  It gave me the opportunity to pop in and ask some questions about things that plague me in bag making.  She was very generous in her answers and I believe I am ready to tackle the next step in my little project. 

Sara has some great bag patterns for sale.  I am intrigued by the aeroplane bag.   She also has a book coming out this Fall.  More importantly, and the real reason I am writing a post about her is that she generously allows people who purchase her patterns to sew and sell bags made using her designs. 

There is a lot of conversation and in some cases controversy over insuring that designers get credit and financial reward for their designs.  I've commented upon it here a few times.  Sara's blanket permission is at the polite and friendly end of the spectrum.  I appreciate that.  And I want to make note of it so that others can go, check out her designs, buy a pattern or two and help make it possible for her to continue that policy. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Radio Silence...

Because I'm actually on the radio among other things this week.  This Saturday is the big day.  I'll be back on-line after it is all done.

Race for the Rivers  is:
  • canoe and kayak races
  • bike rides -- still time to sign up!
  • festival
  • music fest
  • food and beer
  • green vendors
  • hands on activities for all ages
  • Asian carp fish fry
  • Stream tables
  • opportunities to volunteer 
  • FREE voyager class canoe rides on the Missouri River
  • and the fundraiser for Greenway Network, Inc. 
Stop by the Greenway Booth if you are able to come out and ask for me.  If I'm not in the WaggonsWest booth, I'll be there or they will be able to find me.  I'd love to say hi.  

Did I mention the FREE voyager class canoe rides on the Missouri River? 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Losing Track

...of time.  I've driven almost 6,000 miles since June.  Those slow sweet days at the lake seem like a long time ago but it has barely been two weeks.  I keep waiting for time to breathe but like the sign says, it won't be today and tomorrow isn't looking good either. 

How's your summer been? 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunshine On My

T-shirts leaves an impression.  I've been painting while the sun shines.  Squirreling away sunny shirts for the winter.  Gathering leaves before they fall.  Oh, whatever.  I've been making sunpainted shirts for days now. 

Oh, and sorry for the ear worm.  I figured fewer people would know this one than You are My Sunshine and besides, that whole skies are gray thing doesn't really work in this context.  Or maybe it does.  I think the paint is getting to me! 

Further Evidence That

a.  There is a dread disease carried on the outside of the mailbox that I know nothing about.
b.  There is a mailbox cleanliness fad sweeping the nation that I know nothing about.
c.  My neighbor has too much time on her hands.
d.  Yes, we are THAT family in the neighborhood.

My sweet little neighbor was out cleaning the bricks and mortar on her mailbox this morning.  It never occurred to me that my mailbox might need to be scrubbed.  Furthermore, I am sure that I would simply assume any moss or algae added to the rustic charm. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Wee Bit of a Rant

I had a birthday a while ago.  I received some birthday money.  I decided to spend some of it during the sales going on right now. 

I do most of my clothes shopping on-line.  I like the search functions that allow me to only look at things that I can afford and that will fit.  I shop at several national chains and greatly appreciate their service, quality, reliable sizing and pricing.  I'm not going to mention any names in this post because I really have no complaint against the company. 

One chain I shop at regularly has a great return policy.  I can either package it up and leave it on my porch for the mailman to pick up or I can take my purchase to the local store.  I typically go to the local store to avoid worrying about whether or not it will arrive at its destination. 

Now, I shop at this particular store a lot.  In 'flusher' years, I've even managed to become a preferred customer.  I'm in their computer.  The closest store for returns is a lovely place but it carries a very limited range of sizes.  It does not carry my size.  That is quite all right with me.  I understand they have done their research, (although I always wonder how they can say they don't sell particular sizes if they never reliably carry them.  But that is a question for another time).

On this particular day as I was making a return of a small portion of larger order the clerk started telling me about all of the sales and suggested I look around for an exchange.  Pretty typical fare.  Nothing I didn't expect.  I said, "No thank you.  You don't carry my size."  She then started to tell me about all the other sizes and particular styles that I could try on to see if they would work.  I told her that I didn't want to waste my time looking at things I that I could not buy today.  I really wasn't trying to criticize the store, I was just trying to state a fact.  I hate looking at things that I KNOW come in my size but aren't available for me to purchase.  It is annoying and I can find what I want and order online if I want to wait a week for delivery. 

I was set on relieving my wallet of some of my birthday money right then.  I didn't want to wait.  I didn't want to pay shipping or make another trip to the store.  I wanted an outfit to wear now.  It happens like that some days. 

So I completed my return with a rather huffy salesclerk and left the store.  I walked two doors down to the store that carries a full range of sizes.  The friendly clerk helped me find the right size and never once suggested I try things that clearly would not fit.  I spent a fair bit of my birthday money. 

As I was walking back past the original store with my rather full garment bag I wanted to go back in.  I wanted to say, "Look. I came out to spend money today.  If you carried the full range of sizes your company produces, I would have spent it here.  If you had suggested I could order from your catalog kiosk, I might have considered that as well.  You did neither, so the lovely Lisa two doors down, received a hefty commission instead."

I didn't because I am certain it would have been perceived as cranky criticism rather than an opportunity to learn from a loyal customer.  I really wanted them to know that I would be happy to spend money in their store, have done so in the past and would do so in the future if they would make it easy for me.   I really wanted to.  But I didn't. 

Well, I've shared it with you, so I feel a bit better.  Would you have said something? 

Friday, August 2, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

When I first left the gray sun deprived upper-ish midwest (Hey SAD isn't a disease it is a CULTURE!)  I discovered that I needed sunglasses.  I also discovered that I had a sorry tendency to step on, sit on, misplace or otherwise render my sunglasses unusable.  As a poor grad student this was not consistent with purchasing good sunglasses. 


So for mmphty years I've stuck to my cheap sunglasses until this summer.  My MIL gave me a classy pair of grown up sunglasses.  What a difference!