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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Home Again

My machine is home again.  One of the reasons I bought my Baby Lock machine is because of the service.  The factory is nearby.  The sales people do an awesome job trouble shooting the little things.  And Mike, the repair man, really knows what he is doing and does his best to get me back up and running as soon as he can. 

Yes, I am on a first name basis with the repair guy.  We've been through a round of issues on my machine.  This last time was particularly interesting.  In the midst of doing some embroidery, my machine started thunking.  It wasn't ominous.  But is wasn't right.  I took it in.  At the store it no longer thunked.  It did however, have a little tiny hitch in her giddayup.  I asked that Mike look at it just to be sure.  I did not want to use it and then have a catastrophic failure. 

Mike called up and said that he found the problem.  A wee small piece of a needle had worked its way into the gears.  I was stunned.  I always account for the parts of the needle when I break it.  The only needle I've ever not found a bit of broke almost two years ago. At that time, once I realized that I was going to be unable to find the piece I took it in.  The ladies took of parts and looked and looked.  Nothing.  It was sewing just fine.  So they sent me home.  We all figured it fell out when I was moving it around to bring it in.  I take my machine in for annual cleaning.  It has been in for repair a couple times.  Nothing. 

Now, months and months later, it turns up in a gear.  Mike cleaned it up.  Tuned it up again and my machine runs like new.  It is amazing.  I am ever hopeful that that little bit of needle has been the gremlin in my otherwise wonderful machine and now that it is out things will continue to stitch a pretty line.  I felt kind of bad telling Mike, after I thanked him, that I really didn't want to talk to him again for a very long time!  He laughed so I guess it is OK. 

So a big thanks to the folks at Jackman's in Creve Couer who have done such a fantastic job keeping me sewing.  (They don't pay me, or give me stuff to say nice things.  I just wanted to make note of a great company doing a great job for me.)  (Oh wait... they do give me stuff. Twice in several years I have won one of the prizes at the monthly quilter's club.  That is completely unrelated to my sewing machine experience but I want to be clear.)

The sun is shining.  I may be able to get some pictures.  Then I will have some pretties to show rather than this boring old text. 


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you take care of your machine. So many people at so many workshops simple DON:T. Actually, I used to be one of them. Now, it's the cleanest thing in the house.

  2. I love Babylock machines.bwish I had mine instead of the Pfaff but I cant complain because it has been a great machine. My Bernina, a terrible machine!