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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Step Away from the Machine

I have been frantically running my sewing machine at full speed to finish all of the projects that should be done for Christmas.  My house is a mess.  I have company coming for brunch tomorrow.  There are threads ALL over everywhere and I only have 3 pillow cases to finish.  Just as I was about to sit down to do the last little bit (and probably a bit more) the power went out.  Yep.  A sign.  Walk Away From The Machine. 

We packed it away for the holidays.  But never fear.  I have a HUGE pile of hand sewing to keep me occupied and I will probably use the machine at my MIL's house to finish the pillow cases. 

 My hand sewing list includes stitching the binding on
3 pillow covers
1 almost twin size quilt
1 fancy almost twin size quilt
1 bigger than twin but not full size
1 lap robe (to be retroactively tied... yes, I'll explain when the house is decorated and I can sew again.)
and then I have 1 Tesha Moore style wall hanging that has a few more pillows to finish and then needs to be stitched together however that is supposed to work!

Already finished is my big star quilt, a table runner, three pillow cases and three pillow covers.  Whew!  December has been busy. 

Now back to putting lights on the tree! 

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