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Saturday, September 19, 2015

The #TravelingChicken Story

WaggonsWest first started making chickens many years ago as a decoration for Easter.  She loaned the first batch to the youth group for their pancake breakfast.  Much to her dismay, the Mr proceeded to give every last one of them away after the meal was complete.  Of course, that meant that the kids expected to get a chicken every year.  And that meant that ole WW had to make chickens.  Lots of chickens. 

Spud 3, is the arbiter of all things aesthetic.  (Yes, he has that good of an eye.)  He thought the little chickens were OK but he really wanted a BIG one.  Made of
cammo.  So WW dug into the stash and pulled out some fleece, enlarged the pattern and made a big chicken.  More and more chickens were made and donated and gifted and thrown at a brother or two.  Many ended up roosting in a certain room. 

It wasn't until Spud 1 was cherry picking the WaggonsWest stash for his table in the dealer room at Archon that the chickens hit the big time.  He and the Kineticraft crew decided to throw in some chickens for giggles and grins. Let's just say that they were a bit of hit and the saga of the traveling chickens began.

It seems our unruly little chickens become the model traveling companion once separated from the flock. They are friendly, tiny and pack well.  They travel light and offer just the right amount of listening power to support any weary traveler.  And they are photogenic.  They have been seen at breweries, chocolate shops, JFK, Nepal and elsewhere.  Rumor has it that one went to Guyana but the pictures never made it out.  Perhaps some day we will hear that story.  You can check out #
travelingchicken for yourself and once you have one of these fine feathered friends you can add your own photos to the mix!

Traveling chickens are made out of quilting scraps, remnants and some
upcycled clothing.  Because of that each one has its own personality.  We will have many to choose from at the Strange Folk Festival.  Be sure to check for the BBQ chickens, because as always, we make what amuses us!  Look for us in #falconforest on the second floor.

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