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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Patches and Puppets

I volunteered to make patches for the shirts the kids wear at the closing night ceremony at VBS. That wasn't too crazy. I figured out how to make it up using designs and fonts on my machine and one freebie from embroiderydesigns.com.

In the process of looking for panda designs, we found panda puppets. We only needed a few of those. So I asked the ladies Bible Study group to help cut out the parts for those.

Then we needed something for the volunteers. The VBS patches would be OK but they wouldn't really be able to wear them to other events. So we came up with the Volunteer Patches. I was supposed to make them all with blue satin stitching, but I goofed and did it in red. I hope no one notices.

The details. These are machine embroidered on upcycled denim. The volunteer patch and the panda puppet are from designs produced by emblibrary.com.

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