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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Speaking of Liberating...

Crop. (You can see his ear there on the left, right?) Label. Journal.
Oh no! Wrong kid.

I have boxes and now files and disks full of lousy pictures of my family and events that need some rigorous editing and organizational help. I've taken a couple scrapbooking classes. I've got a few books. But I can never see past the magnitude of the job. It always seems so overwhelming that I have never managed to make a single page or sort a single picture. Until now.

I met a scrapper who does random pages and puts them into books in completely random order. No familial or chronological organization. She just works on what appeals to her at the moment, finishes it (big bonus) and moves on.

Seeing her disregard for what I always thought was a key element of scrapping was incredibly liberating.

I am thinking that I might be able to actually do some scrapbooking if I wasn't facing a big empty book for each kid and a monumental task. I think I might actually be able to get some pictures sorted and documented. And then I could worry about dividing them and ordering them later.

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