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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quilt Story: Iris Wallhanging

A very long time ago, I was into painting on fabric. I had hopes of actually being able to learn to paint my vision. I got pretty good at following the directions in the watercolor book, but I never got very far on the vision thing.

This Iris is one of my early attempts. I was basically following the instructions from a book. I wish I could find the book and cite it properly because it was very good at helping me get this far. Unfortunately, it is either at the bottom of a box in my basement or lost in a move. (If anyone recognizes the work, I'll be happy to give credit and probably try to find a copy to purchase again!)

I had grand plans for this little iris at one time. I was going going make a huge king-sized quilt in purple and green. I made a sandwich, put it in my machine and promptly stitched a lovely fold of fabric into the back. Once I ripped that little problem out, I put in in my machine and promptly broke the machine.

There is a very long saga that goes along with the repair of my machine covering more than 20 years and a stupid error made by an inexperienced repair shop that was ultimately solved by boy blacksmith. Needless to say the poor wee quilty became a victim of that saga and languished in another box (separate from the painting book) for the same 20 years.

For some reason, we got it in to our brains to go searching for a long lost project and dug up the iris panel. I tried to figure out how it might become part of a larger quilt by doing some sort of quilt as you go, but it hurt my poor head. I'll put that process on my 'bucket' list and perhaps tackle it in the future. In the meantime, I decided to just 'finish it up and move on, dearie". (Another tale for another day.)

So here in all it's tiny, scrunchy, lumpy glory is the iris wall hanging.

Re-blogged here as part of my ongoing efforts to gather the wheat and chaff of my creativity from the far reaches of the interwebs into one granary for safe keeping.