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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July Fabric: White

I really should have thought this one all the way through. It seemed like such a good idea to post some favorite fabrics in red, white and blue for the lead up to the Fourth of July Holiday. Pictures of white fabric? Really?

Instead, I will just post these pictures of a white tablecloth with mostly red, white and blue applique bunnies. It was made from some of my great aunt's fabric stash. I made it as a thank you to the cousin who gave it to me.

My great aunt worked in the fabric department at the local K-Mart. All of the pieces of fabric were washed and pressed before being stored. All of the fabric is 32 - 36 inches wide. It is cotton and fairly heavy. Some of the patterns are completely wild but I will save those for later posts. I am guessing that most of it is from the seventies, since I remember seeing my aunt at the store at a time when we bought a lot of fabric for making our own clothing.

The details. These are fused and machine appliqued. The pattern is from the book Bunnies and More by Cottage Rose. The bunnies are appliqued onto plain white muslin. The border is packaged double-fold bias tape, applied using my bias binder foot. What a GREAT thing that is.

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