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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding: Guest Book

My niece got married! I was fortunate enough to be part of the planning process. My biggest contribution was the guest book. This is the third signature quilt I've made in the past year. Planning this was fun. My niece lives in Hawaii and was getting married in Colorado. I live in a different state so we collaborated a bit on-line. I would send her to fabric websites. She would send me links to fabrics in her colors. I would buy fabric. She would change her colors. I would send her links. She would send me links. I would buy fabric.... I don't see a problem!

I finally ended up with a set of fabrics I knew she would love but the rest was a surprise for her.

Here is picture that shows off my favorite fabric. It is a batik with sailfish. Perfect for beach themed wedding. You can also see a bit of the hibiscus printed batik that is the lighter aqua color. The basic fabric is a cobalt blue shot cotton. There is also a darker batik in the cobalt and aqua theme with a smaller leaf print in lower contrast.

It is a simple half square triangle. Can you see the fish? It is in the lower right corner. If you squint at the part where the pattern is 'messed up' (I did it on purpose) and use your imagination you can see it.

Here it is on the table where people were signing in. The intent was for them to sign their name on the quilt and then fill in the guest book with their name, a message for the couple and how they were connected. That didn't work so well, in spite of the lovely sign painted by the bride!

Here is a picture of gramma signing in and writing a lovely story in the book for the bride to read. You can see the sign a little bit better here as well.
The quilting is straight lines around the triangles and a bit of a wave action around the border. Unfortunately for this procrastinating auntie who was stitching the binding on the car ride cross country, the label is hand written on the back.

Here is a shot of the whole back. That funny furry thing in the foreground is part of the decorations... the Red Queen's Croquet court.

And one last shot on the Red Queen's Croquet Court. Love those wickets and hedgehogs!

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  1. LOVE it! So happy to see your comments on my flickr pages!!!