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Friday, July 1, 2011

Fourth of July Fabric: Red

I was looking for some red, white and blue images to post in celebration of the Fourth of July holiday. I found this fabric in my random picture folder.

This one is a picture of a small 'patch' from my grandmother's stash. She and my grandfather cut up every bit of fabric they could get their hands on and tossed them into boxes containing different sizes. When I inherited the boxes and started sorting through them, I found pieces of fabric that date all the way back to the thirties. Of course there was a LOT of stuff from the seventies when my sister and I were making all of our own clothes and sending the remnants to grandma. There are just a few pieces of this lovely red fabric. I have no idea how to date it but based upon the texture, I would guess it to be one of the older pieces. Perhaps mid century? I just love these little animals, llamas? giraffes? If I can clean the image up enough I think I'll get some printed on spoonflower.

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