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Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Fabric: Table Runner

Earlier, I posted a picture of a small sample of fabric from my grandmother's stash of patches. I had the box of two inch squares out one day when my friend and her little daughter were visiting. They started pulling out all of the red white and blue fabrics and arranging them on the design floor. It was really fun to all the different fabrics from so many different eras all fit together. It is even more special since whenever I show it to relatives, they all recognize their own clothing in it. Once again, many of the fabrics are from the seventies when we all made all our clothes, but some are much older and some are newer.

I put it together using the fusible backing method. I followed the tutorial outlined by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson. It did make it thicker than had I pieced it. I was only making a table runner and didn't mind the extra stiffness. It isn't bulky so much as it is stiff.

The backing and binding were purchased for this quilt. It was machine quilted on a simple diagonal.


  1. Nice job. I have a bunch of patriotic fabric to pull together, some form the early 80's, 90's and now. I keep thinking how am I going to get them all together?But I can here it works.

  2. I had a similar thought as I was sorting through the fabrics from many eras and many colors. We just picked a common theme and it came together.