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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hand Sewing

I took a wee quilt to club yesterday to do my usual show and ask. It is supposed to be show and tell but I always have questions. My little piece is a tiny hand quilted project I took to work on during my travels. The group leader said something to the effect of 'you like hand quilting'. I was shocked. I have never considered myself a hand quilter. I can't imagine attempting hand quilting a large or even baby-sized quilt. And yet, four of my last projects have involved a significant amount of hand quilting and even some embroidery.

Thinking about it, I realized that I enjoy the artistic elements I've been using. I love the more immediate gratification of working on a small project. I am finding an almost zen-like appeal to seed stitching and I love watching the quilt sandwich take form as I quilt. I think that by doing the hand work on 'art quilts' I've given myself permission to be imperfect and in doing so have been able to improve my stitching. How liberating. Maybe I'll try real hand quilting one of these days. What about you? Do you hand quilt?

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