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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why is it...

...projects with the most delicate fabrics and the tightest stitches require the most ripping?  

That orange flower print has to be the most delicate of the vintage patches I'm using and I've had to rip it out twice. 

Working with these template drawn, hand-cut pieces gives me a new and even greater appreciation for the rotary cutter.


  1. I think the weave must be a little looser. I've found that is true with some of my vintage cotton. I would say I never un-sew...but in this case, I would too...because of the precious fabrics. How big will this be? Still thinking about how I'd quilt it.

  2. It is about 21 inches on each side. It will definitely have to be a wall hanging or something that won't get a lot of use and require frequent washing. Some of the fabrics are pretty thing. It is also clear that not all of them are cotton. Some are likely rayon.