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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Ribbon Quilt

A very special person I know is a very impressive lady with amazing skills who is always showing me new things and teaching me stuff.   She also happens to be a breast cancer survivor.  I admire her immensely.

She is not, however, a big pink ribbon kind of girl.  So when I went to make her a  prayer quilt, I needed to find a way to have it represent a pink ribbon without being pink and ribbony.  When I saw this pattern by Ryan Walsh, I knew it was the right thing.  It took a while to find the right fabric.  I stalled out completely on trimming the blocks until I found the right ruler.  It took a while to figure out how to set the finished center and to add the borders.  I spent a fair amount of time looking for the right fabric to mix in with it. 

The next really long stall was quilting.  I wanted to do it myself.  I needed it to be pretty and set off the quilt.  I needed it to be something I could manage.  I came up with  a strategy and did a lot of measuring and marking.  I traced around a pattern I created and then stitched away. 

Here you can see some of the very simple design I did in the blocks.  I should have made this more swirly. 

Here you can see more of the quilting and the binding from the back.  I also should have scalloped the sides.  The rounded corners almost make up for it.

 One more look at it... blowing in the wind. 


  1. This is a beautiful quilt and such a beautiful sentiment for your friend. It has just the right amount of pink! I also really love the rounded corners.

  2. so beautiful, she is going to love that you thought of her!