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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Catching up

Whew!  It was great to get away for the long weekend.  Now I have to dig in and and get caught up with all sorts of things.  I'll post some pictures of the treasures I found at Hancock's of Paducah once I get my camera uploading properly.

As for my weekend...  we had a great day at the Flying Monkey!  It is a fun show with great artists and super crowd (particularly for a Saturday in January).  Mr-really-?-another-show even volunteered to run the booth on when he has free weekends.  Yay!  We explored a number of the locavore restaurants.  Some really yummy sit and talk to the chef places.  But the Huntsville Havoc?  Textbook every time until they hit the banana peel... every time! 

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