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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Plan Needed

 I saw this great plan for marking your quilts for FMQ.  Trace the design on Press and Seal using a Sharpie.  Stick the plastic to the top and stitch away.  As long as the sewing isn't too dense it will tear away nicely.  Probably one of the biggest advantages is that you can really see the quilting pattern on the top without having to erase your mistakes.  The plastic can easily be moved around to make sure the placement is good.  

So, that is what I did for my project quilting piece.  I drew out my feathers.  I traced them forward and backward onto the press and seal.  I placed it on the top.  I like what I have come up with so far.  I am all ready to quilt. 

Fortunately, I am not at all confident in my skills so I did a test piece.  Worked like a charm.  The film didn't interfere with the sewing.  It didn't shift around.  Except for some tension problems I was able to follow the pattern without making too many mistakes.  Even better, it came right off after I was finished sewing.  Well all but the color left behind on the thread. 

You can see it even better in this image I've altered to have greater contrast.  A lovely orange smear on much of the thread.  This was NOT a design element I want to include in my project. Now I need to come up with a different marking plan, perhaps the wide orange sharpie was too much ink.  Perhaps it would be better if it dried longer.  Perhaps a very fine sharpie or a prisma color would bleed less. 

 I tried some free hand feathers on the side.  Perhaps I can manage to do a few guidelines with the watersoluble marker and go from there.  I'm not sure.  Any suggestions?  Any experience with using Press and Seal.  I would really like to make that functional.  It is an easy way to do things as long as it won't ruin my projects. 


  1. I have never used the press & seal so not sure about what will mark on it but maybe a washable pen. If you do decide to use a thin sharpie and the ink may still come through I have found that alcohol will usually take sharpie out. I would just use one of the blue washable pens directly on our quilt top. I have never had a problem getting the blue to come out by soaking it in cool water. Love the feathers!

    1. I've decided to go with the washable pen and marking directly on the fabric.

  2. I've never even heard of press & seal until now...but think it's a great idea. I'd try a disappearing ink but couldn't tell you which ones work. No help at all today!