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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am going to see if I can get in to the Flying Monkey artist market this Saturday.  I don't get to Huntsville very often so this will be a rare opportunity.  I am absolutely fascinated by the idea of  what is essentially a low cost, walk-in art show.  In preparation for the show, I decided to do an inventory on the badges that I have in stock and to see what I need to replenish.  I was also looking for gaps in content.  By the time I was done counting I realized I have more than 130 different badge designs.  Not counting a few that never lasted long enough to get a divider in the stock boxes.  Unfortunately, I only have 80 different items listed in my Etsy shop and some of those are quilts and sunpaintings.  I guess I will be spending some quality time with the camera shortly!  

As a side note... when I asked Spud 3 to bring the 'show boxes' upstairs, he added the box of chickens.  I told him I was traveling light and only taking badges.  

"What???  No chickens?"  

"I haven't sold any chickens for a while.  I'm just  taking badges."

"But everybody LOVES chickens."

"I know.  But I don't want to have to carry so much since you won't be there to help me."

"Just a few?"

"OK.  Pick out a few of your favorites and I'll take them along."  

---  now it seems all of the air space in the show box is full of chickens!  What a softie.

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