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Monday, May 14, 2012

Perhaps A Quilt (or just the ugly underbelly of the beast)

I can't really show you what I am doing because it is supposed to be a surprise.  However, I am going to show you the back of my insane free-piecing adventure.  I am using tear away stabilizer as the foundation because I happen to have quite a bit of it around.  I started tearing away around a 'finished' section to see how difficult it is going to be.  Definitely difficult. 

Even so, I am pretty much convinced that this is a good way to go for this type of piecing because it not only gives me the general guidelines for shape, it also stabilizes the fancy machine stitches.  Without stabilizer they would bunch up the fabric.  I am wondering if wash away wouldn't have been a better choice, although I'm not sure it would have held up for as long as this project is taking me.  I am also wondering about using paper.  I don't know if it would tear easier.  Suggestions?

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