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Sunday, May 6, 2012


In 2008, I found this tutorial on Craftster.   I decided to make one.  I ended up modifying the pattern slightly to make little broody hens.  I became addicted and started making lots of chickens.  

 I mean, LOTS of chickens. 

 They started to multiply.  Then Spud 3 decided he wanted a big soft fluffy one.  We scaled the pattern up and started to make big ones out of fleece.  They were a big hit with the kids and even with some of the grown ups. 

This zebra chicken was Spud 3's donation to the trivia night prize pool one year.  The lovely lady who won it still keeps it on her bed!

Once I started making crazy hats for the Golden City Brewery, and shawls for all the ladies in the family, I started ending up with scraps of fleece.  They cried out to be chickens!  

Now there are LOTS more chickens.  Spud 3 does demonstrations in front of a local shop.  This winter the manager was looking for more handmade items for his shop.  I took him up-cycled scarves and chickens.  He loved them!  He has a basket of them in the shop now. 

Thus, the reason for the chickens as my avatar.  I just thought I'd share since I am still stuck without my sewing machine. 

I can't figure out how to link to the pdf of my version of the pattern.  If you really want it, send me your email and I will send it to you. 


  1. I love your chickens. When I get settled I'm going to buy some for my furniture. We are going to rent our daughters home on 2 acres of land which includes about 15 chickens! Hope your machine comes back soon.

  2. I love your chickens. I'm happy to see them multiplying and think it's very cool that Spud 3 is such an entrepreneur!

  3. Oh, my gosh! Cracking me up! I LOVE the last two, where the center of the flower becomes the eye... And, seeing them all lined up on the deck rail? Too funny!

    I would LOVE the pattern. Thank you for sharing! (You've GOT to bring one to guild!)

  4. Your chickens are bright and happy and some look warm and fuzzy.... they're all wonderful. Fun story!

  5. goodness thats a lot of chickens, there so cute

  6. What I forgot to add about all the chickens around here is that these chickens fly! All three of the spuds and their dad will be hanging out in the living room and the next thing you know there are chickens flying everywhere.

    1. You've got your own flock of "angry birds!"

  7. Chicken overload!!! These are all so stinkin' cute. What a fun collection :).

  8. I would love the pattern. Sounds like something that would be a real conversation piece at my local quilt shop. Just think, they could be made in the latest fabrics!! lol