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Monday, May 7, 2012

Broccokitty Quilt

 Since I am stalled out for a while, I thought I would start to add some of my quilting posts from craftster to my blog.  This one was done last winter.  It is a quilt I made for Spud 2.  I posted most of the details here. This quilt has something of a silly story to it.

You see, the spuds are color-coded.  Each has a different color that is all his own.  We always know what belongs to whom because of the color.  I know it is kind of goofy, but it works for us.  Spud 2's color is green.  I wanted to make him a green quilt.  Spud 2 would love to have a kitty.  I am not a cat person.  I really don't want one around.  Spud 2 also hates broccoli.  It is his one vegetable he is allowed to avoid.  When I saw the pattern for the broccokitty applique (Garden Patch Cat - Broccokitty).  This was the first quilt/applique pattern I bought.  Spuds 1and 3 helped pick out the fabrics and I made the initial block. 

 It sat in my WIP (what exactly is the name of the pile of things that you have started that aren't actually in progress because you have absolutely NO idea what do to next?)  I started looking for fabric I could use and finally settled on a pattern.  It is mostly a subway tile in green, orange and a little blue.

 I framed the applique patch in orange.  It was quilted with a very large meander to keep it nice and fluffy.  I wanted to free motion mice in the border but it was pretty clear that I was not going to succeed at that, so I did some simple outlining of the kitty and the frame.
The backing in some awesome Halloween print I found that had kitties with green eyes and orange splotches.  It was absolutely perfect for this quilt.  
The binding is a loose scrappy one made of all of the leftover pieces from the quilt. 

I am not entirely sure that Spud 2 appreciates having a little broccoli with his kitty, but it was a fun quilt to make. 


  1. Oh my goodness! It's such a cute quilt but the story behind it is even cuter! It's very clever to assign colors, by the way. We do that with our dogs too :).

  2. Love the quilt and the story. I like how yo sprinkled the orange in the subway blocks, really adds a lot of movement.

  3. What a cute quilt and the orange really adds so much! Love those kitty patterns! Thanks for sharing!
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