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Thursday, May 10, 2012



I have lots of hand sewing needles.  Lots of them.  But there are a few that I really like.  It seems that when I am hand sewing I manage to give the perfect needle just a twee little bend.  Those little bent needles are perfect for me and I guard them as carefully as I am able, which I am sad to say doesn't mean very much.  Those little sharps must sprout legs and run away! 

I would have been in sad shape as a pioneer.   Each time, I misplace another needle I think of the catastrophe faced by those prairie quilters if they lost or broke their needle.  Singular!  Needle!  I truly do understand the value of a needle.  I understand why so much attention was placed on crafting needle books and needle cases.  I fully intend to make myself a needle book one of these days.  Maybe I will find some one who would like to swap a mug rug or something for one. 

At the moment I use the wattle on one my wee chickens to hold the needles I am using.  It works for now.  

The whole reason I started this post was because I found the packet of needles that I like to use with pearl cotton when I am tying a comforter.  It is a packet of Size 24 Tapestry Needles made by John James.  See, what I'm doing here?  I'm writing down the name and size of my favorite needle in a safe place that is not likely to get lost, like the packet of needles did for about a year and a half! 

So, what is your favorite needle?  How do you keep track of them?  


  1. It drives me bonkers when I get a little bend in my sewing needles :). I could send them your way.

    1. But it has to be bent in just the right way!