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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Craftster Scouts

My friends over on craftster, particularly Lime Riot, have been having a great time making felt badges.  They even convinced me to play along in a swap.  They came up with the idea to start crafting badges to mark crafting accomplishments (I think to justify their continued playing with felt.)  That lead to an hysterical thread about craftster scouts

The number and variety of off the wall crafting badges has had me in stitches... literally.  I just had to haul out the machine and stitch some up!


As you can tell, I was going quickly and didn't make the best thread choices.  I need to work on the lettering as well but some of them may end up in the shop shortly.  


  1. these are great! I especially love the first one. something i ofen do is to go over my stitching with a marker.

  2. I too love "finish what you"! I've been following the Craftster Scouts thread, and laughing as I lurk!