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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hand Quilting

Since my machine is on vacation*, I've been working on some other projects that require hand stitching.  Today it is my barn quilt.  I like the field and how the barn is coming out.  I'm not so sure about using the meandering stitch in the sky.  I keep thinking clouds, but I think the dots look more like stars.  So I am wondering if I shouldn't rip that out and use clear beads on some of the dots instead.   Or should I keep going and add beads as well?  

What do you think?

*and I'm only whining a little bit!


  1. No whining Missy! I think the clouds come through loud and clear. I can totally see them and since I'm not a proponent of ripping out thread...I say...go on with them! I knew you'd do some hand sewing.

  2. A little wine with that whining and everything will be just right.