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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New York FOODY!

I know you wanted a "New York Beauty"
But I have created this "New York FOODY"
Banans and lemons by the score;
Fresh watermelon from the store,
Cucumbers and berries, both purple and blue;
Peppers and carrots are in there too.
I had fun as you requested
Though at times my patience was tested.
I hope you like this slice of New York
Because this poem makes me sound like a dork.

Look what came in the mail today!!!! A beautiful New York Foody quilt.  It was made for me by Warped Hooker as part of the MAQS 5 Swap on Craftster.  You have to check out the gallery for more amazing quilts, but none as cool as mine. 
 I love this section with the cucumbers and blueberries.  Near the top of the picture you can see WH's beautiful hand quilting. 

 And look at those raspberries...  a food fireworks display.  You can see the striped binding.  It encases some sort of hoop that holds the whole thing in shape. 
Here is the whole thing again on my table in my living room.  It makes me happy to look at it.  Thank you so much WH!!!!!

*Spud 3 wasn't going to let me open the package because I haven't shipped finished the one I am making for her.  But he relented when I showed him the note from WH that said she couldn't wait to see if I liked it. 
** Poem accompanied the quilt! 


  1. What a beautiful quilt! The colors are so pretty and it's almost hypnotic to look at!

  2. I love love love this. That striped binding is watermelon rind. Yummy.