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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alphabet Blues

I LOVE triangles! (OK so maybe I've had issues with triangle quilts and am not always crazy about making them. But I do love them.)

I've wanted to make a triangle quilt forever.  I have a stack of polka dot fabric waiting in the wings.  I've been able to see it forever.  But I've always been afraid of triangles.

I finally used my 50% coupon and bought a triangle ruler.  It is the Fons and Porter version, I think.

A short while ago, I made an impulse purchase while visiting a brand new LQS for the first time.  It is the alphabet picture fabric you can just see in the lower left corner of the picture above.  I bought a whole yard because it reminded me of my dad.  I thought it was the style of the drawings, but I really think it is the general feel of it.  At any rate, I had no idea of what to do with it. I knew it was going to need to be fussy cut.  And I knew that that was going to be a bad day. 

I also had been collecting some blue and gray solids.  The LQS had the alphabet fabric, and some coordinating blue and orange fabric as well.  Add to the mix the fabulous inspiration and technical support provided by Andrea of Mouse in My Pocket  while working on her Ghastlies quilt (I have a wee bit of Ghastlies and this may be the first time I actually try to copy a quilt wholesale.) and you have my alphabet blues.

The strangest thing about working with triangles is that they all seemed to line up.  I have more perfect corners in this quilt than in any quilt I've ever made before.  In fact, Spud 1 even noticed, went in for a closer look and was impressed!   

I know that I am notorious for the anthem "Corners Don't Meet and I Don't Care".  But it isn't for a lack of trying.  I am always trying to improve my quilting skills.  I am always working hard to make my corners meet.  I simply refuse to stress out or give up when they don't. 

Likewise, I am very happy that my quilting turned out pretty OK on this one.  I still can't stitch in the ditch worth a darn but I did try on this one.  I only missed in a few spots....  Big obvious ones at the top of the quilt... but I haven't tried ripping them out yet.  I may still but mostly I think that if I rip them to make the front perfect, I will mess up the lines on the back where it will actually show a lot.

The Details:  38 x 45 inches.  Made with Wilmington ABC's fabrics and stash solids.  Cotton batting.  Machine pieced and quilted.  Hand bound. 

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  1. This triangle quilt looks fabulous! I love the colors too. The quilting is perfect. I love all the quilty visual goodness of this quilt.