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Friday, May 16, 2014

Upcycled Billboard

We get to enter two quilts into the Bloggers Quilt Festival this year.  What fun!  There are so many great quilts to look at and eventually vote for.  For those of us who don't get to go to Quilt market it provides some extra fun while we wait for our #quiltmarket feed to refresh!  Thanks go to Amy of Amy's Creative Side for putting it all together.  Be sure to check them all out.

One of Amy's requirements is that we write a new post about an old quilt.  I've said a lot about this quilt already but here goes.....

This is a billboard.  No really.  This quilt is made out of a billboard.  I accepted the challenge to make a quilt using only upcycled materials that ALSO included two things that were never intended to be used for garments or quilts. 

The top of the quilt is made from remnants of pants, shirts and blue jeans.  These are mostly the pockets and seams that are left over from making my upcycled badges.  They were all essentially raw edge appliqued to the surface of a sheet of muslin.  (We were allowed to use new batting.  I substituted muslin.)

The backing is a large portion of a billboard.  New billboards are made of plastic tarp like material that wraps around the wooden structure of the billboard.  Being a packrat, when I came across some one throwing away a billboard, I kept it.  I've been whittling away at it for several years.  There is a bit that covers the table for sunpainting.  There is a bit used to protect surfaces during soaping.  Another bit is used for packaging Christmas Coal.  This portion has the word Face.  I have no idea what the original billboard said.

The final portion of the quilt is a hand-forged iron hook made by Spud 3.  It is used to attach some vintage upcycled gros grain ribbon.  That keeps it all nice and tidy in the trunk of the car.

Here is a better look at the hook.  Spud 3 is a self taught blacksmith who runs Far Creek Forge in his spare time.  

This is pretty much one of the wackiest quilts I've ever made.  It was made in response to Project Quilting Season 5 challenge 2.  In project quilting, Kim Lapacek posts a diabolical challenge dreamed up by her mother-in-law at noon on Sunday.  You have to have a finished quilt by noon the following Sunday.  One week!  A finished quilt in one week.  This year, I worked hard to make functional quilts.   That made the season a bit more challenging. But a lot of fun!  You should totally check it out. 


  1. That's a first for me - I've seen quilts that look like billboards but never one made from billboard! Great ingenuity!

  2. I love quilts with words on them. The front is just as lovely as the back and anything recycled is my style.

  3. that is so ingenious! It's definitely one of a kind...