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Friday, May 30, 2014

A Banner Day

It was a banner day around here yesterday.  I found this Freaky Geeky fabric and thought it paired perfectly with my chalkboard fabric.  So I made a chalkboard banner. 

It made me happy!

  And tomorrow if I'm not happy, I can erase it and write a different message. 

Here you can see a but more of the fabric. 

What fun! Something to note about working with chalkboard fabric and probably paint and paper too...  it needs to be conditioned.  You have to evenly coat it with chalk and then rub it off before you write on it.  Otherwise the first writing will stick around.  If you decide you are going to buy a chalkboard fabric item you should always ask if you are getting one that has either been conditioned or has not been written on.  You don't want to pay for the ghost of some one else's message.

So here is the question.  I put this one together with the chalkboard and fabric alternating.  You can have a message on both sides.  Should I really make them so the fabric is on one side and the chalkboard is on the other?  What do you think?  

Oh, and I finished up another banner that was sitting in my WIP pile!  

This is a pink and green one like one I made for a silent auction basket.  This one is going to the craftster raffle. 

One of these days I am going to have to make one of these for me.

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