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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time Enough for Love

Finally the time has come that I can share the little quilty I made for my first entry into the Little Quilt Sew Vote Swap swap on Flickr.  This is actually the third quilt I started and the first I finished for this swap.  I started one for the December swap but got hung up on it.  Time ran out for that swap.  I am still hung up on it.  I didn't do something right and I can't figure out how to get past it.  The second idea wasn't much better.  It is a cute wee quilt (even the LQS lady thought so and she is pretty tough).   But  I need to rip out and re-do some part but I can't decide which one.  So it is awaiting and not revealing on the off chance I enter it in the next round.  Time to move on.

The deadline for this round was the 15th.  Time was short.  As I sat staring at my stash on the evening of the 13th, It finally occurred to me.  I was going to make a bright happy pieced and appliqued quilt with a boat or a village on it.  Yep.  Hot pink, lime green, turquoise!  All the brightest.  I could see the whole thing mapped out in my mind.  As I pulled out all of my cream and beige text prints.

Uh Huh!  a bright pink and red pieced heart would be perfect on  this background.  Of course that Madrona Road print just had to stick itself to the heart pattern.  All it needed was a bit of brightly colored ribbon to set it off.  Perhaps the wide purple?  The lime green?  Aah, the white eyelet.  Absolutely!  Thus the too short beige crocheted lace.  But I would use buttons.  Bright Red Buttons.  That would make it perfect.  Bright and Cheerful all the way.  Yep!  Nothing like a muted baby blue button placed just so. Now the binding, that was going to be easy.  I have a lovely, already cut, stitched and ironed piece of contrasting text just waiting to be set aside for the uncut blue.  Exactly the way I pictured it right from the start! 

Yep.  Nothing but the brightest cheeriest prints for my low volume ode to Valentine's Day.  Can you tell I was watching the Maker and the follow on video about the glass blower?  OK probably not, but go watch it.  Then you'll understand.  And the name too.

The details:  12 x 14.5 inches.  Made from low volume quilter's cotton.   Machine pieced and quilted.  Embellished with antique crocheted lace and an assortment of vintage buttons.  It has fast finish triangles on the back for hanging. 

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  1. ...hahaha....I know those reds and limes and all the other brights are in there somewhere! I will find them! LOL So pretty, Charlene! I love the buttons spilling out.