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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By the Numbers

I have some quilty ideas running around my head and some recipes to share but I have more numbers to make first. Fortunately I am finished with the Robot numbers.  One of the fabrics was a real pain and the last couple sets are not perfect.  I spent all day yesterday, picking stitches out of one piece.  Only to end up boofing it again.  Luckily the second boof wasn't as bad as the first and the numbers could be used.  I offered to restitch if they sent me more fabric but they seem happy enough with it.  I do think what I see as HUGE, GINORMOUS flaws probably won't show when the bot is running.  I guess that is the equivalent of the galloping horse rule. 

This project is for 3 inch patches.  That is a lot bigger than my usual 2 inch patch.  The customer also wants individual numbers for each player.  We worked for quite awhile to come up with something that would suit her project.  After much conversation we decided to go with the smaller orange number and a blue surround.  These badges will go to a basketball team as an end of the season treat.  
One of the things I like the most about custom work is that I end up learning new things about digitizing and about my machine. 

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