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Monday, February 4, 2013

Guest Post: Project Quilting.

Project Quilting Season 3 Barn Quilt Challenge.  My better late than never entry.
If you have been following me for the last month or so, you know that I have been playing in the Project Quilting sandbox.  Kim's Mother-in-Law dreams up a theme, adds in some rules and gives us a week to make a completed quilt.  The last two rounds have have over 50 entries each!  that is a lot of quilts to be made in just two weeks.  Naturally most of the quilts are small (although some over-achievers make huge projects). 

Project Quilting suits my work style.  I have to think about what to make that will fit the challenge.  I have a short deadline.  I can make any size quilt I choose.  I really enjoy it.   I was hooked in season three with the barn quilt challenge.  It actually took me months to finish.  I set a goal for myself to finish one challenge on time in season 4.  So far, I've managed to keep up. 

Kim has added a new challenge this season. I will let her tell you about it.

Hello everyone! This is Kim from Persimon Dreams, www.PersimonDreams.com, and I’m so happy to be here sharing some exciting Project QUILTING news with you. We are currently in the midst of Season 4. The first two challenges inspired over 100 quilts to be created – so amazing! The third challenge went up on Sunday, February 3rd and I can’t wait to see what comes from it (still time for you to join in!)
I personally love Project QUILTING because it has been extremely inspirational to me in my quilting journey. I know I only have a week for the projects but it’s a great opportunity to give ideas in my mind a try – see what happens, try new techniques. If it works…maybe I’ll do a bigger project that takes more time.
Project QUILTING - Architectural Elements Challenge - Barn Bones
For instance – I tried out free form quilting for the first time in Season 3 of Project QUILTING to create ‘Barn Bones’.  I LOVED it…so later when I undertook a Scrap Challenge I created this…

Amazing Tehcnicolor Dream
Scrap Quilt
The Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt
Project QUILTING has me creating pieces I never imagined before and the Project QUILTING community has been such an inspiration and support.
I have heard from many that they love watching along with Project QUILTING and the projects created from the challenges but they just can’t fit making a quilt in just one week. That’s what my exciting news is all about today – a new *Bonus* Project QUILTING Challenge. I’ve teamed up with a fabulous online fabric store – The Fat Quarter Shop to bring you all the ‘Fat Quarter Shop Bundle Challenge – Tradition Times Three’.
Diane outlines what is required for this particular challenge. You must go to the Fat Quarter Shop to by the fabric bundle in order to participate in the challenge BUT the twist is – you have until May 30th, 2013 to submit your challenge! At that point, one of my girls will randomly draw a winner of $75 to use at the Fat Quarter Shop.
I also wanted to share with you a few ways you can save on your fabric bundle. First – head over to my blog and enter in the giveaway I posted today: Bundle Giveaway!
OR if you want to save 20% off your entire purchase of fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop check out this blog post to find the special code – good through February 10th.
Thanks for having me and I hope to see you all with a quilt in one or more Project QUILTING Challenges. Have a great rest of your week!
~Kim Lapacek

Thanks Kim for hosting such a fun set of challenges.  Thanks Diane for coming up with such challenging inspirations.  Thanks to all the participants for setting such a high bar. 

Now, I have to go and figure out what I can possibly do for the challenge 3!

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