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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Side Tracked.

Spud 3 is pretty quiet and self-contained.  He goes about his business without a lot of fanfare.  Every now and then he pops up with a request.  They are so few and far between that it is pretty hard to turn them down.  This time he sidled into the conversation... well, actually he called me from the robot work room which was pretty much a clue something was up. 

"So mom, your machine can stitch numbers can't it?"
"Yes, it can.  Why do you ask?"
"Well...  we'd like to have the numbers stitched on the robot bumpers instead of using decals."
"OK, but you are going to have to help!"

So here we are with a newly digitized set of numbers stitching out onto 7 of the 8 sides of the robot bumpers.  He is doing a fantastic job of lining things up and hooping them.  Now I know who to call the next time I have to get it exactly right! 

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