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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Project Quilting 4:3 Emergence

Emergence of beauty and light.  A tribute to the strength of a creative spirit and an amazing ability to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to satisfy an artistic urge. 
This week on Project Quilting we are asked to draw our inspiration from the work of Annie Young.  In her own words, she is a challenged artist who uses texture to paint from an inner vision.  You should spend some time looking at her work.  Then recall that she is blind. 

Looking through her work I came across these images that struck a chord with me.   (Go look.  I'll be here when you get back.  You really need to see her work.)  These images are probably the least graphic of those published on her blog.  But they made sense to me.  

Any quilt made from this source of inspiration needed to have lots of texture.  It needs to be a tactile quilt.  I decided to try a chenille technique.  Annie's paintings are full of color an movement.  Color is another essential piece of the inspiration.  Finally, there had to be a sense of darkness to show the incredible challenges she faces in creating her work. 

Thus Emergence.  A hand cut, quilted chenille piece inspired by Annie Young.

This quilt is 11 x 12 inches.  It is made from quilter's cotton yardage and scraps.  It is machine quilted with a hand stitched binding.  It has fast finish triangles for easy hanging.  

And one more bonus from this project.  In pursuit of the right colors to use, I had to organize all my scraps.  I now have bits, strings, strips, chunks and orphan blocks all in their own containers! 

Be sure to head over to the Project Quilting Flickr page and check out all of the other quilts this week. 


  1. This is incredible! I'm amazed! WOW! Nice work!

  2. Just saw the pic on Flickr. Annie will be completely honored with your project, dear WaggonsWest! I am touched by your sensitive insight of Annie's work and your extremely creative expression. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  3. Wow great job. I love it. I am still working on mine but I wanted to say I had to sort and organize my scraps because of this project too! :)

  4. Hi Charlene! congrats again on winning and for providing to me such an amazing detailed description of your masterpiece! i love the name...it gives me chillbumps! i find the comments very interesting: 'extremely creative expression' and another had to sort and organize. i find i too have get my paints and things in place before i can really get started in my studio...if i don't i'm just lost! thanks again for participating~