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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the Dog REALLY Did Eat My Homework

Or at least it feels that way!

They say things happen in threes, well we are starting on something like number 10 around here oh nothing serious, just a whole bunch of little annoying things going wrong. A hail storm that necessitates a new roof and its attendant hassles, some car repairs for hail damage, some car repairs for functional problems. A little good news, the lightening strike grounded to the outside of the house sparing our electronics and wiring. A little bad news, it took out the control box for the grinder pump so we have to remember to manually turn it on for a bit each day. My computer is on life support. Thank goodness for Spud 3 and his flash of brilliance that has me limping along. My phone, I use for email and everything else but work and documents and designing badges needs to be replaced.

So no phone, sort of no car, no computer today! And I have a bajillion different things pop up that all need attention. Critical things. A meeting where I have to give a presentation with no way to download it to anything that is useful. A bunch of potential donors needing love. Arghhhh....

Ok. Thanks for listening. I feel much better now.

Oh, and the really nice lady at the Verizon store totally made my day better. They even gave me the secret handshake to make my phone work until the new one arrives. Totally Awesome.

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