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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Time Passages

While I'm really not a fan of this song, it was running through my mind today as I was out and about. I was thinking about a recent email about some one I consider a young adult who is actually in the mid forties now. The email was essentially letting me know that this individual was feeling all of those years. Now, I have pretty much adjusted to babies becoming toddlers and my own spuds becoming young adults. I am started by but accepting of the aging I note in individuals who are older than I. And yet I was completely thrown by the obvious aging of one just slightly younger than I.

It reminded me of time spent with my sister not too long ago. We were out and about in the town where we grew up. She left many years ago and I have spent long periods away. As we noted familiar places and thought we recognized some familiar faces, my sister blurted out "They could at least have the decency to cover their gray". It was her way of expressing my thoughts today. It is easy to accept the passage of time in other generations but to see the physical evidence of it in ones own can be startling.

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  1. Yes...it's like looking in the mirror and saying, "How'd I get into my mother's body"?!? or something like that,