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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pouches I like

1. Lisette pouch, 2. Orange Scrap Pouch, 3. zippered quilted bag, 4. ..., 5. bird, 6. * pink pouch, 7. Mouse boy pouch, 8. Audrey pouch: Pretty little pouch swap, 9. trillium baby quilted triangle bag . summery flowers ., 10. Eye Glass Case, 11. Quilted sewing pouch, 12. TeaCup pouch 67

Oh my! I did it!


  1. I'm assuming this was your first Mosaic? You did a great job on this and included some great ones.

  2. Yes Kristy it was my first one. The links and tutorials made it simple. I will be making more I am sure. Thanks.