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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Catalog Inspired Iron Craft

This is definitely my week for not finishing. First it was the barn quilt and now it is my Iron Craft projects. This round we were to make something inspired by a catalog. Etsy's a catalog isn't it?

The quilted piece is the start of a chess board. The spuds all received a set of chess pieces made out of bolts from their dad for Christmas. It was my job to make the boards. I am finally getting started.

The green jacket is a request from spud 2. He showed me a picture of a very elaborate dragon hoodie. However, all he really wants is a recreation of the green and yellow dragon raincoat he had as a toddler. I had this all finished but for the zipper and the hems when I discovered that my "little boy" didn't fit into the men's size Medium pattern I used. My wonderful mother ripped out all of the necessary seams (carefully stitched using a stretch stitch) so that I can make some gussets and insert a row of dragon spikes down the back to make it fit. But... that did not get finished before todays IC deadline. Oh well.


  1. I want to see the coat when it's done, it looks adorable.

  2. Keep luggin' along, you'll get there. These chess sets sound quite interesting. Have you posted the chess pieces made from bolts? I'd really like to see those.

  3. I havent' posted them yet. I will do that when I get one of the boards finished.

  4. Give your mom a big hug. What a lovely thing to do for you. I want to see pix too!