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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I (Heart) Quilt

I thought I'd posted this quilt a long time ago. It seems I never actually finished the text. So here it is with a few additional comments....

I made this quilt earlier this year. It was an experiment. I wanted to learn more about how to use my new sewing machine. In particular, I was interested in leaning how to combine machine embroidery with quilting.

I purchased a set of quilting designs from embroidery library and set out to design a simple and quick quilt to test it out.

Of course, by simple and quick I meant miscount and cut more again and again and again. I wanted to use the heart pattern and combine it with some of my favorite and dwindling red fabric scraps. I started with a rectangle of bleached muslin. I measured and blocked out all of the embroidery designs I planned to use on it in disappearing ink. Then I cut 2.5 inch squares and randomly piece them into strips. At the end of round one, I had enough to do the double layer on two sides of the quilt. At the end of round two I made it to a single layer around the whole thing. Finally by the third try I had enough squared pieced to make the double row all the way around.

Now for the embroidery quilting. I used my new Snap Hoop.

Funny thing about this quilt. My mom asked if she could have it. Of course I said yes. It turned out she wanted it to give to my niece for her wedding present. I think my niece liked it.

Pieced border. Free motion heart in corner. Simple diagonals on the boarder.

A better look at the machine embroidered feather stitching in the center with some free motion stippling around it.

A view showing a bit of the back. You can see the diagonal stitching and the heart pattern around the edge. I added that at the end as it looked too plain when I was finished with the basic part of it. I had some control issues on the heart stitching but this was supposed to be a learning experience so I didn't really care all that much. Of course I had no idea it would end up front and center at a wedding.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

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  1. That is so cute! I love the picture in the snow.

  2. Congratulations. If this was my experiment piece I would be very proud of myself. It must have been daunting having it displayed at the wedding. Well done. I have found you through the tuesday linky party by Quilting by the River.


  3. What a beautiful quilt and yes, I think your niece loved it! Thanks for linking.
    Quilting by the River

  4. It is really pretty! May I ask which embroidery machine you have? It is a pretty quilt and the quilting is beautiful. Also thank you for your nice comments on my blog. Both of my followers are really special.

  5. Thanks. I have a baby lock ellegante which I love.