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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy Heart

You just know that some who calls herself happy heart and who has set a goal of making a heart a day just has to be a wonderful person. Leslie of Leslie's Art and Sew is exactly that. She is my swap partner for the Morsbag Swap on craftster. The Morsebag is supposed to be a simple bag; easy to sew and made out of upcycled materials. Ms Leslie took that simple bag
and turned it into a work of art.

She choose to make two wonky house block pockets on the bag. One on each side. The stitching and precision on everything she made is incredible, but these houses are adorable. The fabric selection is fantastic. Not only do the colors coordinate beautifully, but the patterned boxes on the fabric are perfectly suited to the wonky house design. The framing sets it all off and the pockets themselves are beautifully lined.

In addition she made just a "few" extras. I have been admiring fabric baskets all over the internet. She made me a gorgeous version in my new favorite combo of tangerine and turquoise.
It has the cutest scissors on the inside and it already resides on my sewing table holding all the tools I need to have handy.

I had the sense to admire some lavender sachets she was making for travel. She had the great idea of making them in the form of little stuffies so that they would small good and be a little travel friend. When I was small I had a little stuffed tiger who went with me everywhere. I am going to put this little guy in my suitcase! Don't you just love the sweet face and that tiny heart button?

And then, just because she wanted to make it, she made me a lovely polymer clay ring dish. The craftsmanship is superb. I am always looking to see how things are made. So I went looking for the ends on the braid around the top. I can't find them. She connected them so smoothly or hid the connection so well that the braid looks like one continuous piece of clay. It is amazing. Oh, and there was chocolate. But the spuds found that! They said thank you very much!

I can't thank Leslie enough for such a beautiful package. It is really special to know that some one worked so hard to make such lovely gifts for some one she just met, on-line at that. I am struggling to finish the return package. In many ways I am very grateful she sent so early so that I can step up and make something special for her. (There is a bit of a hint in one of the pictures above.) Now I am off to get busy. THANK YOU Leslie!


  1. How wonderful! I'm sure that what ever you return to her will be just as fabulous!

  2. You're welcome! It was my pleasure!

    I love the picture of the basket on your sewing table, and I'm glad it is being put to work immediately.

  3. How cute and I love the little clay dish!