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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Aftermath: Party Pictures

I can't believe I didn't take a single picture during the party. I did take some pictures of the mess the day after.... Not sure I should share them..

The dining table: chocolate raspberry torte, cheese tray, tortilla chips, chocolate toffee potato chips, other stuff.
Soup goes here. There were four kinds, jambalaya, vegetarian tomato, beef barley and French onion.
Side table with bread tray, broken glass, other cheese tray, chocolate pretzel things.

Advent calendar...
The dessert table, fruit, empty cake stands, the box with the cupcakes and gingerbread boys. Fudge.
Lesson, do NOT put the on/off crockpot full of cheese dip into the basement.

More food...
Chocolate gingerbread house. Assembled by spud 3. At least he was successful using the frosting this and didn't resort to the hot glue when I wasn't looking.

The 'walk in cooler'. Otherwise known as the garage.
Another view of the dishes. They are all done now.


Yes, we are a bit over the top around here. But it is fun. Just over 60 people attended.


  1. Was this a Christmas party? You were going to tell us why you had the party. See how I pay attention? And 60 people. I didn't have that many people go through my house when trying to sell it! You are brave and wonderful. Sure wish I could have come. I'd eat the tomato soup and anything Chocolate! Thanks for the great post.

  2. Very awesome look into your home. Looks like it was a success. And I know what you mean about no pix. We had a party the week before Christmas and I didn't have TIME to think about the camera and I'm a camera NUT!

  3. Judy, I've posted the story.
    Annie, A VERY messy look into my house. There are still a few piles of things to be put away and I can never seem to part with the last few flowers.

  4. It still cracks me up that Spud 3 re-set the Advent calendar to 00!