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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Paper Picks

Paper topped

On occasion I have been known to spend and inordinate amount of time on details no one else will notice. I do it because it makes me happy and because I enjoy the reactions of the very few who do notice. Today was an example of that.

This is the first anniversary of Iron Craft over at Just Crafty Enough. In honor of that momentous occasion the first challenge is to craft something in paper. Kat and Susi have been gracious enough to let me sporadically play in their sandbox. I wanted to make something festive to mark the date.

I was looking around my crafty supplies and realized that I'd have to do some serious organizing to get to my paper. Part of that organizing would require recycling or filing a pile of junk mail. Aha! Paper beads. What would be more festive for a first anniversary than jewelry made of paper beads?

Firs I assembled my supplies: Scissors, white school glue, wooden skewers and junk mail.

Then I cut strips from the junk mail. These vary in size but they all taper at one end. I'd like to say that is because the tapered strip gives the most esthetically pleasing bead (which it does) but the real reason is that I could never cut straight strips or roll them evenly.

Hold the wide end of the strip against the wooden skewer and start to roll it up.

When you get to the end. Apply a small amount of glue. I used the end of another skewer to just cover the end. Continue rolling it up and spin it around a few times. If you have a bit too much glue, the spinning just coats the outside of the bead and keeps everything in place.

There you have it. paper beads. Wait for them to dry, shellac or varnish if you like. String and wear.

Except that I really don't want any more paper beads or party necklaces and the first bead I made stuck onto the end of the skewer. I couldn't get it off. It looked pretty cool there. Hmmmm...

What if I glue the paper strip onto the end on purpose? Then roll and glue the bead. They would all be attached just like pretty beads on fancy party picks.

And this is where the obsessive attention to random details comes in. Lets decorate wooden party picks that will be used once and then thrown away! But what a great way to celebrate a first anniversary.

Not terribly obvious but fun and colorful never the less. Cheers Iron Crafters!

Check out the flickr page for more paper crafts in Iron Craft Season 2 Challenge 1.