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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking for Suggestions: Honey Bun

It is cold and rainy here today. I am working on several different projects, a swap package, a fast fleece shawl for a friend and finishing some have to projects. I have actually reached the point where I can start to think about some of my want to projects. One of my want to projects is to use up a honeybun. That is a wheel of 1 1/2 inch strips. They are about 44 inches long, there are 42 strips in all from the same line of fabric I used in my pinwheel quilt. I have a few small bits and pieces of some of the fabrics.

My problem is that I don't know what to do with a honey bun. I can find lots of patterns for the 2 inch strips and charm packs but not so much for these narrower cuts. Any suggests?

And another question. Obviously I am going to have cut fabric to mix in with these strips. How do I judge the seam allowance on the pinked edges? Do I line up the smooth cuts with the outside edge, peak, of the pinking or with the inside, valley, of the pinked fabric? Do I cut my other strips at 1.5 inches or do I compensate for the pinks? Does anyone know how they are designed to work?


  1. I'm new to quilting, but have heard you include the "teeth" in the 1/4 inch in all precuts. So I guess if you cut straight sides of other fabrics that you measure the straight with the teeth. I'm not sure of patterns either. You might try Missouri Star Quilt Co. and see if there are any patterns for the honey bun or call a quilt shop. I look forward to your project. I have several honey buns myself.

  2. Just voted for Strange Winter---Hope you get many more. Great AAQI quilt. Jan from Crossroads.

  3. Thanks Jan. I have some more projects in mind for the AAQI. I am hoping I remembered February as the turn in month rather than January.