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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Put a Bandaid on my Shoe

A few months ago, I finally broke down and bought a new pair of tennis shoes (athletic/trainer whatever, they will always be tennies to me). My old pair was finally starting to fall apart in ways that could no longer be covered with polish and droopy socks. The pair I bought is cheesepuff orange. I mean really orange. All over. None of that neon stripe here and there. Orange.

I didn't set out to buy a pair of orange shoes. I am almost embarrassed to wear orange shoes. But this particular pair was at the optimum of comfort and cost. So orange it is.

You can imagine my distress when I discovered a couple weeks ago that my toes were starting to poke a hole in the top of my shoe. This is not a problem I've ever had before with any other pair of shoes. I was stunned. I am guessing that the materials used to make it a lightweight mesh shoe are probably not that strong, or I have a defective pair. Whatever.

I tried to think of a way to make at least a temporary patch while I figured out what to do. Looking around I happened to see a box of fabric bandaids. Hmmmm.... flexible fabric already sticky on one side. So.... that is what I did. I cut the end strips off of a bandaid, maneuvered them into the toe of my shoe and went on my way.

I just realized that that was a week ago and my shoe has not ripped anymore and the bandaid is still there. I'm not sayin' this is a great household tip but it worked for me. I know. I am a dork. But I still have my orange shoes!

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