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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


It feels like Spring is coming early this year. It is still in the 60s and the sun is mostly shining. The Spring flowers are starting to come up and the birds are singing. Lots of birds. Singing. Early. In the Morning. In the trees. Over the driveway.

What a beauteous sight to see upon walking out to my car. Sometimes I celebrate living in the Mississippi Flyway. Sometimes I really enjoy seeing hundreds of birds of a particular species show up in my yard for a day or two. Sometimes I am fascinated by the fact that most of the migratory birds in North America fly over my neighborhood each year. And then there are days like today. The white spots on the pavement are more evidence of their visit. The mile long trail I walk was similarly festooned today. I'm just glad I was witness to the aftermath as opposed to the actual event.

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  1. We used to feed the seagulls on the Jamestown Ferry until we learned that what we fed them often landed right back on our car...or us!